Email Funnel

What is an email sales funnel and why every B2B company needs it ?

If your business has an online presence, you cannot ignore an email funnel.

If you want to bring maximum ROI out of your marketing efforts, you need an email funnel. And, if you want to grow your audience on autopilot, you need an E.M.A.I.L funnel.

What is an email funnel?

An email funnel is a programmed sequence of emails designed to invoke interest amongst your target audience and lead them to take a pre-defined action. An email sequence is a method to drip that regular dosage of information to keep your company’s brand awareness alive, promotions going and keep customer engagement active.

According to statistics, B2B audiences are most influenced by emails after referral advice and industry recommendations.

Emails are the third best source for B2B consumers when it comes to business information. When an email funnel is that powerful, you should tap into this enormous potential for lead generation.

Tip: You can achieve the highest email CTR when you send an email at 11 AM ET. (HubSpot,2015)

What is email automation?

Email automation is a digital setup that sends timely emails with the help of triggered actions or artificial intelligence.

For example, you can create an email sequence to welcome new subscribers (and don’t forget to segment the list) You can automate this sequence by designing the email funnel and setting up the workflow using email marketing tools like MailChimp, Convertkit, MailerLite, GetResponse etc.

Email automation is the one-time creation (and constant improvisation) of an email funnel to grow your email subscribers list. Email automation builds itself.

On your web space, every digital action by your prospect is an opportunity for your business to convert that lead into a consumer. This is best achieved when the prospect is brought into your insider email community. An email funnel is automated by setting up a sequence for every triggered action your prospect takes.

Why do you need email automation?

The purpose of email automation is to implement relationship marketing in a non-interruptive way. Unlike advertisements, email marketing brings more warm audience than traditional marketing methods. This makes conversions a breeze for your company than targeting a large crowd who may not be interested in your company’s products or services. This is why you should take your email marketing seriously.

Email automation plays a key role in helping your company stay concurrent with your consumers’ business needs. There are many areas of your business operations that can be automated with the help of an email sequence.

Let’s look at some advantages an email sales funnel can bring to your marketing efforts.

Lead Generation

A subscriber is on your email list because he/she found something interesting about your product/service. With this as the starting point, your business can cater to the prospect by serving information material that grows the interest area into consumer behavior. 

By growing the interest area, you make it easy for your prospect to develop the need for your product by targeted marketing.

List nurturing and Brand building

Since you already have access to your prospective customers, you can nurture your list by providing relevant content that connects and converts your leads. The best way to nurture your list is through goodie-oriented surveys. Surveys help you design products that have a demand. And, when you provide products that are needed, you have a better chance of selling. This can happen when you nurture a list of people who are willing to provide you with data that defines your business.

By asking your audience, you are making them feel that you are ready to give a customized product. This makes your customer your brand’s evangelist and at the same time, you get to put fewer efforts trying to understand your product’s features. Because your customers already gave you the features they are looking for. Win-win?

Personalized marketing

Since you have access to targeted and interested audience space, personalized marketing works best with emails. It gives you one less step to cover in your market research. With the help of artificial intelligence, industry enterprises like Amazon, GoDaddy have eliminated major cart abandonment risks. Cart abandonment email campaigns bring in as high as 25% conversions. Check Rejoiner case study for more information on the conversions here.

Better analytical data

With precise analytics data such as the email open rate, CTR, bounce rate, spam complaints and the like, SWOT analysis becomes straightforward and efficient. Your marketing team can now segregate components based on performance and elevate the strengths. At the same time, you can evaluate the kind of emails that are not working for your audience and tweak the emails to see better metric results.


Email campaigns are one of the most economical communication channels available. There are many more advantages of employing this method of marketing.
  • You can bring customer engagement by announcing a brand contest.
  • You can honor your email list by broadcasting special offers and exclusive discounts.
  • You don’t have to worry about conversion rates because email marketing is the easiest to track your ROI compared to other marketing methods.
How is your email funnel functioning? Need more data on B2B email funnels? Contact the United and Sterling Marketing Solutions team now.